Friday, February 8, 2013

The First Step

Since you don't know what you can accomplish until you try, I've decided suddenly to launch a single-purpose blog, dedicated to the ruthless and wanton panning of the myriad "wise sayings" that are posted, pinned, and otherwise propagated on the interwebs. It seemed fitting to begin with this one.

The first step for this blog was the moment I clicked on the "New Blog" button. However, the blog began in my head as a result a response to a meme posted on Pinterest, which prompted me to post this on Facebook: "I wonder how many motivational phrases actually hold any water once they've been honestly evaluated... Could be a fun blog theme." This was followed by my suggestion of the blog's title a moment later. Then a search for the use of the title across the rest of the English-posting blogosphere. Then a discussion with my sister Dawn Harvey (who will also be posting here) about the merits of having multiple platforms for writing, not to mention non de plumes (you can call me Al).

So you can see that, prior to taking any material steps toward creating the blog, I had at least FOUR prior mental steps.

That's how a journey of any kind begins: an idea, followed by planning. You do all the work before you do the work. You've walked the path, sailed the sea, written the blog before the first rubber meets the road, seasickness meets the sea, and binary meets LCD.

That being said, the journey is undertaken. And miles to go before we sleep.

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